Modell Grave Site Under Construction
By David Swallows, Beacon Journal staff writer

OWINGS MILLS, MD - Work has begun on what could be called the most bizarre graveside venue ever built. What's even more strange, is that the future occupant of this grave is still alive.

Excavation workers at Parkwood Cemetery are preparing to lay more than two miles of underground pipe as part of the future resting place of Arthur B. Modell. Why all the fuss? To this day, Modell is vilified in Cleveland for taking a team with a loyal, even rabid following and moving it to Baltimore. Let's just say they want to be ready for the inevitable 'outpouring' from Cleveland fans.

Massive Pipes!

In order to handle the high volume of expected runoff, the US Army Corps of Engineers have designed a system that uses a complex series of massive cement pipes, diverters and leach fields.

French Drains

To avoid surface puddling and messy runoff, the plan calls for a network of french drains to be constructed in an underground grid that stretches a hundred yards on all sides of the grave.

Complex Drainage Plan

Family members and civic leaders have worked together to formulate a detailed plan for traffic and crowd control. Management of the 300 acre facility has also been dealing with a growing number of requests by family members of others buried near the site. Many want to transfer the remains of their loved ones to another cemetery.

Really Massive Pipes

City workers in Baltimore will connect the Modell Pipeline to the city's sewage lines.

Wait Your Turn

Shiny new turnstiles wait to be installed in the 6,000 s.f. visitor center near Art's grave.

Browns Fans Can't Wait to Go

Some fans insist that it is time to let it go. Well, soon Browns fans around the world will line up to let it go. ~

Written by "shakadawg"